SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic Paint Marker 1,4 mm

 Ideal addition to artist’s brush and palette knife
Adds dynamic accents to the painting
Allows spontaneous painting
Excellently combinable with SOLO GOYA TRITON ACRYLIC

The color shades are coloristically perfectly coordinated with SOLO GOYA TRITON ACRYLIC
Balanced color range of 34 color shades
Suitable for a multitude of paintable surfaces such as e.g. canvas, carton, paper, stone, metal
Shape-keeping tips ensure a precise line
The tips are exchangeable and easy to clean
A high-grade ventilation system guaranties an even and exact paint flow
The functional cap form enables easy opening and perfect closure


Acrylic paint on water base
Dries matt
High color intensity and brilliant luminosity
Contains light-proof pigments
Good opacity values
Fluorescent color shades glow under black light
Weather-proof on absorptive surfaces


C.Kreul, Germany

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